Services We Offer


Free consultation – We will visit your home or the place where estate sale is to be held for a consultation and discuss the process of the sale in detail.

Agreement – A contact agreement detailing our services will be rendered before we start any work on your sale.

Set up

Research – Our staff are skillful researchers when it comes to finding the best price for your antiques and valuable items.

Display – Furniture and household items will be arranged and displayed to best promote your sale. Extra tables or shelving will be provided if needed.

Pricing – Items will be tagged with the best price to obtain sale with the highest possible profit.

Advertising – Pictures and details of the sale will be posted on our Facebook page, our website,, and our email list.

During the sale

Check out table – We only accept cash to make the process easier and less expensive. A wrapping station will be set up for breakables purchased.

Discounts – The first day of the sale is the full price listed on the sales tag.  The second day is 30% off and the last day is 50% off, unless the item is listed otherwise.

Staffing – BES representatives will be available to help customers in different rooms and rearranging items to help promote sale throughout the day.

Heaving lifting – We do have a few gentlemen staffers to help customers move large items, but we suggest during each sale for customers to be prepared to move their purchased items.

Signage – Signs will be placed on streets during sale hours to help customers find their way.

After Sale

Clean up – All signs, tables, and other items used for sale will be cleaned up and/or removed.

Charity Donation – Items not sold may be donated to a local charity. We have a list of charities for your consideration.

Payment – Full payment will be made within a week of completion of the sale. We will visit with you to discuss closing matters.